sábado, 21 de julho de 2012

Elac Study Vacations

Once again, Fernando Machado is collaborating with Soundcastle (www.soundcastle.co.uk) and developing an exciting cross-cultural music leadership experiences. The project, that is happening this July,is an ongoing partnership with Elac Study Vacations (www.elac.co.uk).
Elac Study Vacations is a British Council Accredited provider of English language and activity courses. It is also a member of English UK and of its special interest group for young learners.  They run multi-national centres for students between the ages of 12 – 17 years in a variety of locations in the UK.  Working with students from a wide range of countries, Elac has particularly strong links in Italy, Russia, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Poland, France, China and Austria.
To enrich the student programme and encourage communication skills, Fernando and Soundcastle have been commissioned to lead inter-cultural music workshops accessible to all levels of English speakers. These workshops will be open to all the students regardless of their musical ability and aim to improve their English language skills, English culture knowledge and encourage new relationships and friendships between youngsters from different countries.

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