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Archway Groovy Tots

In 2009, I was invited by my friend Natasha Zielanzinski to work at the Archway Children's Centre. The work was basically teaching tunes from all over the world to parentes with babies aged 0-4 years old using voice, instruments, movement and dance. 

Some time after that I was involved in different project within the Centre meeting children, parents and carers from a wide range of backgrounds. That amazing environment made me so enthusiastic about the mission that is sharing music with little people that I decided to record an album to spread even more the songs that were sang all aorund the Centre and mark this period of my working experience.

Recording Archway Groovy Tots at The Forge, Camden Town - London UK.

To develop the material, I invited musicians that also have had work experience with early years groups and workshop leading what made every track special e unique. We can hear in the CD the amazing following: Soundcastle formed by Hannah Dunster (flute), Rachael Perrin (clarinet), Gail Macleod (recorder) and Jenni Parkinson (marimba), the percussionists Afla Sackey and Alba Cabral, the cellists Natasha Zielazinski and Heather Truesdall and the violinist John Crockatt.

Fern & the Bugs performance
@ Archway Children's Centre - London in July 2012

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